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  1. Any of several branches of the executive in Republican Rome controlled by two people
  2. Any government by two people

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For the ancient Roman dual magistracy, see Duoviri
A duumvirate is an alliance between two equally powerful political or military leaders. The term can also be used to describe a state with two different military leaders who both declare themselves to be the sole leader of the state.
The tiny European nation of Andorra is technically a duumvirate, as it is ruled by two co-princes (one of whom is the President of France), although the Andorran prime minister actually wields power as the head of government. Duumvirates in history include the city-states of Carthage, ruled by two mayors, and ancient Rome, ruled by two Consuls.
In the fictional Middle-earth legendarium of author J.R.R. Tolkien, the Black Númenóreans' coastal city of Umbar was typically ruled by a duumvirate.
Some political parties have duumvirates, sometimes, such as is the case of Lindsey German and John Rees in the Socialist Workers Party in Britain.

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